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IP is listed.

This means that action needs to be taken to resolve the issue! Don’t worry, Abusix is here to help.

What should I do?

This means you’re listed on one (or more) of our blocklists, because we’ve observed some sort of bad traffic from this item or it could be due to a misconfiguration.

Our mission is only to prevent abuse happening on the internet and we’ll guide you through the necessary steps. Resolving your issue contributes to this goal! Don’t worry, we’ve made this process as simple as possible.

To continue we require you to sign up. This isn’t to collect your data, but rather to prevent abuse of our service so that it can remain free of charge and open to all.

However, if you don’t run your own mail system and you get your email via an ISP, hosting company etc., please contact their support desk instead and report this issue to them, so that they can resolve any issues and prevent any further relistings. We’re happy to deal with them directly!

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Take action to resolve any listing issues.

Delist and then you’re good to go!